VPW Monthly Photo Challenge Tips & Rules

The VPW Photo Challenge is a wonderful opportunity to flex your creative muscle; the topics are always open-ended (ranging from everyday objects to abstract concepts). As well as being fun, the exercise encourages you to be selective in and critical of your own work, and to work on improving your skills by shooting on a regular basis.

As with our photo walks, everyone is welcome to participate, no matter what sort of camera (DLSR, smartphone, disposable, etc.) you have, or whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Feel free to include links to your personal photography websites and blogs in the description/comments. If you’d like to additionally share your thoughts about the topic, tell us about the challenges you faced, or give others technical advice – please do include that too.


Photo Challenge Rules

The Photo Challenge is a regular feature, and new topics are announced via Facebook, Instagram, and our official website on the first of every month. Please check there to find the current topic. You may submit photos by either posting them to directly to Facebook, or by emailing them to us.

1. Each person may submit up to 7 photos to the relevant photo album found here.

2. You may interpret the topics any way you like. But as usual, let’s keep this place safe and clean: no profanity, nudity, pornographic images, violent images, anti-challenge messages, illegal material, or materials that violate the rights of third parties.

3. You may shoot anywhere you want (outside, indoors, at home, at work, etc) that is appropriate to the challenge topic at hand.

4. Your photos may be staged, candid, b&w, colour, edited, etc.

5. Please submit photos that are high-resolution.

6. By submitting photos to our challenges you are giving VPW permission to feature your images again in posts on the VPW blog, and other VPW social media channels. We credit all photographs.