April 2016 Member Spotlight: Heinz Müller

A round of applause for the winner of VPW’s Vienna DC Donau City Photo Walk, Heinz Müller!

Our congratulations go out to Heinz Müller, who is not only VPW’s only repeat-winner (he won the VPW October 2015 Burggarten Photo Competition), but succeeded in winning both first and second place at this month’s photo walk in the Donau City! You can take a look at both of his winning shots here.

Heinz is, in many ways, the heart and soul of our group – he never misses a single walk, takes part in all the monthly photo challenges, is always helpful and cheerful, and is a true VPW veteran: he has been with us since the first coordinator founded this fine group back in 2013! It was therefore my particular pleasure to be able to conduct an in-depth interview with him, and to then share it here with our readers. Enjoy!

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Exploring the Easter Markets: Artisan Markets Freying & Am Hof Photo Walk

Following in the footsteps of our Christmas market photo walk at Schloss Schönbrunn, it would now seem appropriate to go to one or two of Vienna’s Easter markets.

So, on 19 March at 10.30am, we invite you to join us on our next free photo walk when we’ll explore two of Vienna’s finest Easter markets: the traditional Easter market at the Freyung, and the food and craft market at Am Hof.

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March 2016 Exploring Vienna’s Hidden Courtyards

Vienna is full of surprises

Do you love wandering along old, tightly-knit, meandering streets? Well, the Vienna Photo Walk crowd certainly did when we explored some of the hidden courtyards behind the crowded streets of Vienna’s first district.

Most of us had been along these streets many times, but isn’t it amazing how many things you miss when you’re caught in the hustle and bustle of city life? So, instead we spent 2 hours slowly scouring the courtyards and back streets for the best shots with our cameras.

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Scouting Visit: Vienna’s Hidden Courtyards

Hidden behind the bustling streets of Vienna’s first district are countless Pawlatschen (the Viennese word for traditional courtyards of residential buildings). Back in the 18th century these courtyards would have been a hive of activity: tenants would have met there, chatted, done their laundry, and fetched and carried water from a central well. But now, these courtyards offer an oasis of calm away from the busy streets.

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VPW Weekly Photo Challenge: REFLECTIONS (Feb 4-10, 2016)

Dear photo enthusiasts!

I’m happy to report, that the second February Photo Challenge was a raving success – and how could it not have been, with a cool topic like “REFLECTIONS”?!

It’s a fun challenge because you can come up with so many exciting, unusual subjects, reflecting surfaces, and perspectives! Here’s a selection of the snaps our VPW members have sent us over the last seven days:

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VPW Crowd St Marx Cemetery

January 2016 Winter Wonderland at St Marx Cemetery

Let it Snow!

If you read my previous post about my Scouting Visit to St Marx Cemetery, you’ll know that I was hoping that it would be just as snowy on the day of our photo walk on 23 January 2016. And as luck would have it, we were not disappointed. There was a little snow covering when we arrived, but by the end of the walk we were caught in quite a flurry!

While on the one hand snow can be a real nuisance – you definitely don’t want to risk snow/water leaking into your camera! – on the other there is something really irresistible about capturing those gently falling flakes of snow.

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VPW Weekly Photo Challenge: COLD (Jan 21-27, 2016)

Brrrrrr, baby, it’s cold outside!

COLD was the motto of this past week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, and we were excited about all the lovely wintery contributions! Although it’s unseasonably balmy as I write this blog post, this past weekend was a real treat, and Vienna turned (albeit very temporarily) into a Winter Wonderland. Here is a small selection of images our VPW members sent us this past week:

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