March 2016 VPW Photo Challenge: NEW BEGINNINGS

Hi everyone!

The theme of our March 2016 Photo Challenge was: NEW BEGINNINGS

We’ve survived the Winter and Spring is finally here! Spring is the season of rebirth and new beginnings, and March is a particularly wonderful month to watch nature slowly waking up: the first buds surfacing, the first flowers blossoming, the first baby animals hopping around the fields… But new beginnings don’t necessarily have to be found in nature: you may begin a new course at the local university, start doing sports, learn a new language, start work on a new house or apartment, start a new relationship – all “new beginnings” are welcome!

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VPW Weekly Photo Challenge: CLOSE UP (Feb 18-24, 2016)

Welcome to another photo blog post, featuring images from this week’s Photo Challenge! The theme was “CLOSE UP” so we encouraged our members to really work with texture, details, zooms, and macro lenses. Here are some of the snaps shared with us:

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VPW Weekly Photo Challenge: REFLECTIONS (Feb 4-10, 2016)

Dear photo enthusiasts!

I’m happy to report, that the second February Photo Challenge was a raving success – and how could it not have been, with a cool topic like “REFLECTIONS”?!

It’s a fun challenge because you can come up with so many exciting, unusual subjects, reflecting surfaces, and perspectives! Here’s a selection of the snaps our VPW members have sent us over the last seven days:

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VPW Weekly Photo Challenge: COLOURFUL (Jan 27-Feb 3, 2016)

Hello, everyone!

We’re done with January, the first month of the year, and are now in February-territory.

As a February-baby, I feel I am entitled to state the obvious: February is a crappy month. It’s not cold it’s not warm, it’s not snowy it’s not sunny, there’s not a single bank holiday all month (so no time off from work), and it’s this… sad, short filler-month before Spring finally kicks in and everyone’s happy again.

It’s so easy to let the bad weather rain on your parade, to do the work-home-work routine without going out much, and to make excuses for not going out to take photos: it’s cold, it’s dull, I have no energy, I’m still getting over Christmas, and so on.

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VPW Weekly Photo Challenge: COLD (Jan 21-27, 2016)

Brrrrrr, baby, it’s cold outside!

COLD was the motto of this past week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, and we were excited about all the lovely wintery contributions! Although it’s unseasonably balmy as I write this blog post, this past weekend was a real treat, and Vienna turned (albeit very temporarily) into a Winter Wonderland. Here is a small selection of images our VPW members sent us this past week:

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VPW Weekly Photo Challenge: KITSCH (Dec 17-23, 2015)

Hello everyone!

Last week our topic was “IMPERFECTIONS”, and we’d like to thank everyone for their quirky, ironic, tattered, and flawed submissions.

This week’s challenge, suggested by the winner of our VPW Content, Juanita (read the interview with her here) was: “KITSCH”. It was the perfect topic for this festive time of year when Vienna, usually so overwhelmingly elegant and quiet, is known to pull out the Big Guns of Tacky in the form of yuletide-Klimt, sparkling Sissi, sexy Santa, and more!

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