The theme of VPW’s SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER 2016 Photo Challenge is: ALL THINGS AUTUMN

Ah, Fall… hands down, the best time of year! Our favourite months are September and October, for their (typically) mild temperatures, beautiful colours, and magical light: that Autumn light! When we think of Fall we think of long shadows, low sunsets, neat rows of pumpkins in Burgenland and Steiermark, romantic walks in the park, colourful leaves, melancholic Autumn rain, Sturm and vineyards, spider webs… and so on and so on. It’s such an enchanted time!

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The theme of VPW’s August 2016 Photo Challenge is: RELAX

Let’s be honest, whether you’re off on vacation in August or stuck at work, it’s is not the most productive month: it’s hot, it’s sticky, the city’s empty, and sun & fun are inevitably on everyone’s mind.

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July 2016 VPW Photo Challenge: WATER

The theme of VPW’s July 2016 Photo Challenge was: WATER

Summer equals sun, light, heat. As a result, what we crave, perhaps the most, in the summer is water. We want to drink it, we want to dive into it, we want to cool our hands in it, and we – for a change! – welcome it occasionally falling on our heads from the sky.

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May 2016 VPW Photo Challenge: STREET PHOTOGRAPHY

The theme of VPW’s May 2016 Photo Challenge was: STREET PHOTOGRAPHY

Thank you to VPW member Jessica Ferguson for this month’s timeless Challenge Cover!

The topic’s notoriously open, accessible, exciting, and I hoped that everyone would have fun with it this past month. As with most things, the definition of “street photography” isn’t set in stone so, in an attempt to explain it for this month’s challenge topic, I came across a blog post by photographer Eric Kim. Kim gives lots of examples, throws around many ideas and, effectively, comes up with the following list (added to and re-phrased a little bit by yours truly):

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