SEPTEMBER 2018: Vineyards of Stammersdorf

Dear Friends,

I hope you’ve had a good, relaxing summer; I enjoyed my week on the beach in Southern Italy, where I didn’t do very much more than swim, spend time with my family, and devour delicious seafood. Have you ever tried telline? If you haven’t, you should. They are minuscule clams – a lot of work, but worth the rich flavour!

Anyhow, finding myself back in Vienna after my vacation I started thinking about an appropriate topic for September and my mind quickly went to something seasonal (and very close to my heart): vineyards!

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JULY 2018: LIK Akademie Sommerfest

Hi Photo Walkers,

The months of July and August are always extra quiet in Vienna: half the town seems to be on vacation ad it’s too hot for long walks, so we were extra-pleased to not have to come up with a topic ourselves and to, instead, join the LIK photography and design academy for their summer party!

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JUNE 2018: Wiener Stadtpark

Dear Photo Walkers,

After a very, very long break we’re back! Thank you to everyone who kept in touch with us over the past few months, and shared your work and information about cool photo-related events!

June 13th 2018 Vienna Photo Walk met up for a spontaneous walk through the Stadtpark; difficult as it is to believe it, in all these years we’d never been there!

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JUNE 2017: Portrait Photography for Beginners with Cliff Capatais (PixelComa)

As a hobby-snapper, it’s not every day that you have the luxury of finding yourself shooting in a real studio full of professional equipment, with a professional model, while a professional photographer shows you the ropes. In fact, for almost every one of us, this was a first-time experience.

We were incredibly lucky to have Cliff Capatais of PixelComa generously share his studio, time, and wisdom with us this week at his “Portrait Photography for Beginners” workshop.

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