JUNE 2017: Portrait Photography for Beginners with Cliff Capatais (PixelComa)

As a hobby-snapper, it’s not every day that you have the luxury of finding yourself shooting in a real studio full of professional equipment, with a professional model, while a professional photographer shows you the ropes. In fact, for almost every one of us, this was a first-time experience.

We were incredibly lucky to have Cliff Capatais of PixelComa generously share his studio, time, and wisdom with us this week at his “Portrait Photography for Beginners” workshop.

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MAY 2017: Karmeliterviertel

Dear Photo Walkers,

On May 23rd Vienna Photo Walk met up for a spontaneous walk through Karmeliterviertel. Even though the walk was set up last-minute a crowd of 13 met at Karmeliterplatz, strolled over to Karmelitermarkt and Augarten.

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Dear Photo Walkers!

Having enjoyed our last photo walk in the St. Ulrich Grätzl of Neubau, we’ve decided to do a similarly detailed, focused walk around another Grätzl in the inner city this month: Servitenviertel in Alsergrund, the 9th District of Vienna. From churches to green parks, museums to palaces, and hipster shops to the river banks – the Servitenviertel is charming, photogenic, and has a rich history. This photo walk was carried out by Vienna Photo Walk in collaboration with Vienna Expats, one of Vienna’s largest online communities providing information for Expats living in and around Vienna, and was great chance to meet new faces. Thank you to everyone new who came along to join us!

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Wrapping Things Up for 2016 XMas Style

As the year draws to a close, and everything around us in Vienna becomes festive and beautiful, it’s hard not to think about Christmas, mulled wine and snow, so, why fight it? The topic of our last 2016 walk was, quite simply, “Christmas in Hirschstetten”.

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