Wrapping Things Up for 2016 XMas Style

As the year draws to a close, and everything around us in Vienna becomes festive and beautiful, it’s hard not to think about Christmas, mulled wine and snow, so, why fight it? The topic of our last 2016 walk was, quite simply, “Christmas in Hirschstetten”.

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September 2016: WILDSAU DIRT RUN 2016

On September 24th a small group of Vienna Photowalkers met outside Sportzentrum Marswiese with hundreds of brave Wildsau-runners – ready to face a track of 5 km peppered with obstacles forcing them into water and mud! Our group faced the challenge of keeping our cameras clean while getting close-up action shots.

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AUGUST 2016: “1010 in Black & White” PHOTO WALK

Ah, August…. the month before it all starts again. I will argue that September is more of a “new beginning” than January could ever be: everyone awakens from their summer-coma, the kids go back to school, and there’s a freshness and buzz in the air that you just can’t beat! However, before we get there, we still do have August- the ultimate lazy, hot, sticky month when the city dies down, its inhabitants leave it, and those of us left wonder what the hell we’re still doing here.

We certainly weren’t expecting huge numbers, and were super pleased to see ten happy photo walkers show up at the gates of Volksgarten on a warm Monday evening, ready to tackle this month’s topic: “1010 in Black & White”.

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On Thursday July 28th a small group of Vienna Photo Walkers met in front of gorgeous Belvedere palace, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset; the warm sunlight shone over the installations of Ai Weiwei and the pond in front of the historic building. After spending some time there, photographing the Upper Belvedere and art installations, we continued our walk through Belvedere gardens. It was near the first cascades that the first walkers unpacked their tripods and filters for some long-time exposures.

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