April 2016 Member Spotlight: Heinz Müller

A round of applause for the winner of VPW’s Vienna DC Donau City Photo Walk, Heinz Müller!

Our congratulations go out to Heinz Müller, who is not only VPW’s only repeat-winner (he won the VPW October 2015 Burggarten Photo Competition), but succeeded in winning both first and second place at this month’s photo walk in the Donau City! You can take a look at both of his winning shots here.

Heinz is, in many ways, the heart and soul of our group – he never misses a single walk, takes part in all the monthly photo challenges, is always helpful and cheerful, and is a true VPW veteran: he has been with us since the first coordinator founded this fine group back in 2013! It was therefore my particular pleasure to be able to conduct an in-depth interview with him, and to then share it here with our readers. Enjoy!

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March 2016 Member Spotlight: Carrie Borden

Round of applause for the winner of VPW’s Easter Markets contest, Carrie Borden!

Our congratulations go out to Carrie Borden, who won VPW’s 2016 Easter Markets photo competition with the above shot, taken at a stall of the Freyung artisan Easter market. The beautiful colours, sharp focus, and charming composition of this picture resulted in it being overwhelmingly voted number one by the members of Vienna Photo Walk.

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In this member spotlight this time is Plamen Nikolov, who is the joint winner (with Joao Pedro) of the St Marx Photo Walk contest with the above shot.

We particularly love the tranquil and serene atmosphere in this winning shot. Using a fast shutter speed to capture the gently falling snow flakes, as well as converting the photo to black and white in order to exaggerate the contrast works extremely well.

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