December 2016 Christmas in Hirschstetten Photo Contest: The Winners

Because ‘Tis The Season

The end of the year had crept up on us very quickly, and there’s a lot to look back on, and even more to be grateful for. April 2016 is when I started running Vienna Photo Walk, and we managed 12 photo walks in 9 months – thank you to everyone who came along to the walks, sent in their work, took part in the interviews, sent in their votes, sent in ideas, helped promote us, and generally expressed interest in VPW. It’s a wonderful creative outlet for many of us, and a chance to enjoy our hobby with other like-minded people, so thank you for your unwavering positivity and enthusiasm!

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Timeless Vienna

This past month the topic of our photo walk was “1010 in Black & White”, which refers to the first district of Vienna, its historic centre and beating heart, depicted in black and white. Exploring the Volksgarten, Hofburg, Minoritenkirche, Mölker Steig and Mölker Bastei we captured what countless photographers had done, throughout the decades, before us: the utterly timeless beauty of Vienna.

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VPW Guest Blog Series, September 2016: PolaWalk

As our readers will know, this summer I launched a project called “VPW Guest Blog Series”, in which I invite local talent to come in every month and tell us about their work, presenting their latest projects. So far I have featured photographer Hongwei Tang and blogger Secret Vienna, both of whom took the time to describe their creative processes in their own words. Our September issue, while falling under the category of “Guest Blog” is, in fact, written by yours truly. But since PolaWalk invited me to explore their world with them, thereby making me their guest, I think it qualifies!

I first heard about PolaWalk a few months ago, via Instagram, from a friend who has just discovered them and embraced the ‘power of Pola’. PolaWalk stands for ‘Polaroid Walk’ and is – you guessed it – a company that specializes in guided Polaroid Photo Walks. I never used a polaroid camera in my life (though, obviously, I did covet the SpiceCam back in the early 90’s; what little girl didn’t?!) so I had my heart set on interviewing these guys about their work, to find out what it was all about. They exceeded my expectations by inviting me along on a tour where I was able to get first-hand answers to all my questions. I hope you enjoy reading about PolaWalk, and find yourselves curious enough to give them a try! There is a special discount code for members of VPW, please scroll to the end of the article to obtain it.


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Vienna Photo Walk Meets Oxford Photo Walk

What have you been up to so far this summer? Did you get to go away somewhere nice, warm (and sandy, perhaps), or are you someone who stays in the city and works through the summer, taking your vacation in the Fall instead?

Apart from an end-of-the-month Italian get-away, planned several months ago, I did not have anything going on this summer. So when Lorna, friend and former fellow co-ordinator of Vienna Photo Walk, invited me to visit her in Oxford I jumped at the opportunity. For several reasons:

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