SEPTEMBER 2018: Vineyards of Stammersdorf

Dear Friends,

I hope you’ve had a good, relaxing summer; I enjoyed my week on the beach in Southern Italy, where I didn’t do very much more than swim, spend time with my family, and devour delicious seafood. Have you ever tried telline? If you haven’t, you should. They are minuscule clams – a lot of work, but worth the rich flavour!

Anyhow, finding myself back in Vienna after my vacation I started thinking about an appropriate topic for September and my mind quickly went to something seasonal (and very close to my heart): vineyards!

I first began paying attention to and enjoying wine when I moved to Rome back in 2010, and my interest only grew when I returned to Vienna in 2015. The casual interest turned into a proper obsession when, last Winter, I enrolled in a wine course at the Austrian Wine Academy: I discovered a whole world beyond the eternal “white or red with swordfish?” question! Soil, climate, geography, weather, parasites, history, culture, labour, technology – oenology is a beautiful storm of fascinating facts, world history, and passion for an ancient art form.

As I continue my course at the Wine Academy (I am due to start again this October), I focus exclusively on local, Austrian wines. This country, though small and relatively new to the wine game as a big player, has a lot to offer, and Austrians are very proud of the wines they produce. I thought it would be interesting to combine a photo hike through the vineyards with an afternoon at a Heuriger, and enlisted my faithful wing man, Heinz, to come up with a perfect route. He picked Stammersdorf for a number of reasons: close to the city center, easily accessible by public transport, beautiful, and not too crowded.

Departing from the Stammersdorf tram station (end station of the 31), we left the town behind and hiked up into the fields, following a picturesque, Heuriger-lined path. We were a group of 19 people, both new and familiar faces, and a nice international mix. After taking our group picture we set off on our c. 7km hike through the vineyards, green, black, gold and red grapes all around us. The weather was sunny, a balmy 27 degrees, and we were able to also capture such curiosities as deer and birds of prey. Our photo walk came to an end at a Heuriger, where we sat down to have some Sturm, wine and delicious food like open-face sandwiches with Geselchtes, Blunzn and horseradish.

A huge thank you to everyone to came out and walked with us – Heinz and I were delighted to see you all! Here are some impressions by our photographers Heinz, Colin, Peter, Diana, Jennifer, Dominic, and yours truly:

Have a great weekend, and see you in October! We announce our walks on Facebook and on this homepage, so keep following us.