OCTOBER 2017: Pumpkin Festival Am Himmel

Hello photo walkers!

It may be a cliché, but, hey – it’s a beautiful one: October is the month of gorgeous, delicious orange pumpkins! More that anything this VPWer right here was craving capturing them in all their golden glory this year!

Having set up a sort of emergency where-are-the-best-and-most-photogenic-pumpkins hotline, I was blessed with answer from one of our dedicated walkers: Kürbisfest Am Himmel 2017!

It was gorgeous hike; located “Am Himmel”  is (though not central, still) in Vienna, accessible by public transport, and a great day away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And, the annual Kürbisfest Am Himmel was indeed all about the pumpkin: looking at them, buying them, carving them, eating them, and so on. Enjoy some snaps by Lisa, Heinz, Olivia, Carrie, and yours truly.


Thanks for checking out this website, and see you at our next event!

Until then, as always: happy snapping!