March 2017 VPW & METROPOLE Photo Contest: The Winners

Dear Friends,

I’m very pleased to announce the winners of our March 2017 photo walk, carried out in collaboration with METROPOLE, a monthly print and online English-language magazine, here to guide you through Vienna and make the most of this beautiful city.

The jury – consisting of METROPOLE’s Editor in Chief, Managing Editor, Communications Manager, Graphic Designer, and yours truly – had a tough time picking a winner. We had twelve photographers submit their photos; thank you to absolutely everyone who sent in their work, the choice was not easy!

Ultimately, we have one winning shot, and seven further photographs that deserve a special mention. Each of these photographs was selected from a total of 60 images, receiving the highest marks from the five-head jury. Congratulations to everyone on this list!

And now, for the drum roll! Our top eight photos were taken by, respectively:

  1. Veronica G. Acosta
  2. Heinz Müller
  3. Veronica G. Acosta
  4. Heinz Müller
  5. Plamen Nikolov
  6. Nico Kaiser
  7. Markus Ferenc
  8. Carrie Borden

Please take a look at the top-8 shots below.

Our winner, Veronica G. Acosta, whose clean, beautifully lit and composed images secured her both First and Third Place, will be proud to see her winning image printed in the April 2017 issue of METROPOLE. Beyond this, she has won an annual subscription to this fine magazine – congratulations, Veronica, from everyone at Vienna Photo Walk and METROPOLE! You and your gorgeous shots deserve it!

The images taken by our runners-up will be featured in the publication’s online version and social media.

I, once again, would like to thank everyone at METROPOLE – especially Catherine M. Hooker – for this wonderful collaboration; we loved exploring St. Ulrich with you, and look forward to working together again in the future!





1st Place – Veronica G.Acosta

Heinz Müller2

2nd Place – Heinz Müller


3rd Place – Veronica G.Acosta

Heinz Müller3

4th Place – Heinz Müller

Plamen Nikolov_IMG9772

5th Place – Plamen Nikolov


6th Place – Nico Kaiser


7th Place – Markus Ferenc

Carrie Borden-VPW-Metropole4

8th Place – Carrie Borden