January & February 2017: Polaroid Lifting Workshops with Sophort

Dear friends,

With this blog post, I would like to extend a huge, heartfelt thank you to Thomas and the team of Sophort! Their fantastic Polaroid Lifting Workshops carried us through the cold winter months, and I can safely say that lifting polaroids is not something one does every day! It was wonderful to be able to try something new.

The 18 members of VPW who were lucky enough to be able to attend the workshops in January and February 2017 loved their experience! You rock, guys! Keep us informed about your upcoming activities, and let’s do a photo walk together sometime soon – Spring is coming, and with it warmer days, longer evenings, and wonderful light!

Thank you to Heinz Müller, Guillermo Torres Belando and Thomas Preyer for the wonderful memories!