Our congratulations go out to the lovely Adela Pase, who won VPW’s “Autumn in the Augarten” October Photo Walk competition by a landslide. Not only did she win first place: the won second place as well, and that on her first-ever photo walk! We loved both pictures, and invite you to join us in congratulating Adela on her victory. As always, to celebrate this wonderful achievement, we ask the winner of our contest to give us an interview. It gives us all a chance to get to know them a little better, and perhaps learn a thing or two from them. Without further ado, I give you Adela Pase!


First of all, I would like to thank you all for voting me! My participation in this inspiring contest and the positive feedback I have just received honour me and motivate me to pursue on this path.

I come from Romania, but since my boyfriend lives here, I am a frequent tourist in Vienna, and it’s also where I find more and more people interested in my work. Every time I come to Vienna and have time, I try to take advantage of the wonderful places this city has to offer. One of my favourite is Schönbrunn Palace and its beautiful gardens. I visit this place every time I come to Vienna since it offers me plenty of ideas and sources. What I actually love the most about Vienna is the atmosphere during Christmas time. I am totally fascinated by the decorations, the lights and the Christmas markets.

I am passionate about photography since I was a child, thanks to my dad who worked in a photography store. This passion became stronger over the last few years when I decided to change my path, after taking my bachelor degree in Dental Technique. I realised that the things I am passionate about are not random, but they are my calling. Therefore I followed my heart and I started to concentrate all my time on what I love the most: photography.

Since my first contact with my camera, I began collecting knowledge and experience from different sources: the Internet, courses, and especially the help and guidance of other photographers. I always have a photographer whom I admire close to me, and try to learn from them as one does from a mentor. At the moment, I am using a Canon 600D (50mm and 18-55 mm). I would recommend this package to all beginners in photography. It offers you the basics and it challenges you to give your best in order to reach high quality or to keep up with other photographers with more performant cameras.

I enjoy event and portrait photography the most, even though street photography has peaked my interest lately. On one side, I enjoy creating a flattering bokeh in my portraits, to show that I have my entire attention concentrated on people’s beauty. On the other side, curiosity made me try some long-exposure shots on Vienna streets and I discovered panning to be a really interesting technique.

This was my first Photo Walk and I feel overwhelmed to win my first photo contest. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to challenge myself and also for teaching me a great lesson: the first condition to winning is to dare.
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