September 2016: WILDSAU DIRT RUN 2016

On September 24th a small group of Vienna Photowalkers met outside Sportzentrum Marswiese with hundreds of brave Wildsau-runners – ready to face a track of 5 km peppered with obstacles forcing them into water and mud! Our group faced the challenge of keeping our cameras clean while getting close-up action shots.

This was quite an unsual choice for a photowalk; the event included a hike of about 5 km, as we rushed from one obstacle to the other. Exhausted but happy, a thinned out group finished the event after 4 hours. In any case the photos compensated for the strain, don’t they? Enjoy them below, and keep your eyes peeling for our next event, Saturday October 30th 2016, all the details of which will be published here.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!