AUGUST 2016: “1010 in Black & White” PHOTO WALK

Ah, August…. the month before it all starts again. I will argue that September is more of a “new beginning” than January could ever be: everyone awakens from their summer-coma, the kids go back to school, and there’s a freshness and buzz in the air that you just can’t beat! However, before we get there, we still do have August- the ultimate lazy, hot, sticky month when the city dies down, its inhabitants leave it, and those of us left wonder what the hell we’re still doing here.

We certainly weren’t expecting huge numbers, and were super pleased to see ten happy photo walkers show up at the gates of Volksgarten on a warm Monday evening, ready to tackle this month’s topic: “1010 in Black & White”.

The number “1010” refers to the first district of Vienna where, of course, the action was taking place: Volksgarten, Burgtheater, the Hofburg, the Theseustempel, Minoritenkirche, Mölker Steig and Mölker Bastei were just some of the sites we saw along the way. There’s a timeless beauty to Vienna, as anyone living (and especially photographing) in this city will confirm, so the black & white theme agreed wonderfully with our subject matter. Nico, one of our photo walkers was kind of enough to take the group photo- also in black and white, of course, and shot in analog.

Our contest for the best picture of the month is well underway, and I’m looking forward to the results- there were some lovely submissions! You can vote too, even if you didn’t attend the walk- all you need to do is click here and ‘like’ as many images as you wish (except your own). In the meantime, here are some more pictures from that day. A huge thank you to everyone who showed up for the event- looking forward to the next one schedule for September 24th already!