Happy World Photo Day 2016!

Happy ‘WORLD PHOTO DAY’, everyone!

Born in 1839, this wonderful art form turns 177 today and is, arguably, stronger than ever. For most of you here, I am sure, it is your principle – if not only – hobby, so let’s show it some love! Photojojo.com complied a wonderful list of ways to celebrate this awesome day, and I’m sure you’ll find both resonance with and inspiration from their article.

I don’t remember the first time I took a photo; my dad’s always been into photography, so I grew up surrounded by some pretty cool equipment, and spent countless hours in the darkroom of my dad’s office after school developing negatives, printing photographs, and making passepartouts.

My first camera was a very basic point-and-shoot from Canon. I won it at a science fair for “best photography” when I was eleven; the subject of my project was mould on bread! I also remember losing that first camera when I was fourteen – I climbed to the top of the Milan Duomo, was leaning over the side to get a good shot of a gargoyle, and lost it to gravity.

My first ‘serious’ camera, and the one I still use today, is my Canon 450D. My parents gave it to me as a graduation gift when I finished university, and its very first outing was a long, 2-week road trip around Scotland. Since then it’s seen France, England, Wales, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Spain, and many more places.

I would say that, cooking aside, photography’s the hobby that’s stuck with me the longest, and while I do go through stages of feeling uninspired – as photojojo says, photographer’s block is real! – I always find my way back to it again.

Please share your own stories and photos in the comments below, and thank you for participating in Vienna Photo Walk events, posting your pictures, contributing to blog posts, and sharing your thoughts and projects with the group – VPW is what it is thanks to your support and enthusiasm!