On Thursday July 28th a small group of Vienna Photo Walkers met in front of gorgeous Belvedere palace, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset; the warm sunlight shone over the installations of Ai Weiwei and the pond in front of the historic building. After spending some time there, photographing the Upper Belvedere and art installations, we continued our walk through Belvedere gardens. It was near the first cascades that the first walkers unpacked their tripods and filters for some long-time exposures.

Shortly after 8:00pm – much too early for our liking! – loudspeakers began urging us to leave the palace grounds. Our next point of interest after the Belvedere was the nearby-located Schwarzenbergplatz. Crowned by the majestic Red Army War Memorial and fountain, Schwarzenbergplatz is currently hosting a very curious attraction: the 3CityWave temporary surfing platform. That night, a warm summer evening, the platform had attracted quite a decent crowd, given that it was a Thursday evening! The members of VPW dove into the audience, poising their lenses towards the action and the surfers who were offering a great show for the spectators.

While we were busy getting the best action shots, darkness fell over the square, and the illumination of the surrounding buildings and the Hochstrahlbrunnen became a new target and challenge for the photo walkers.

At around 9:00pm our walk ended, as the first members began to leave. For me, and hopefully the other participants too, this walk again was lots of fun, filled – as always – with nice chats and inspiring, photo-centric discussions. I look forward to seeing you all again at our next event, thank you for coming out with us!