Following last week’s planned-in-advance-and-rained-on premier Golden & Blue Hour Pop-Up Photo Walk, we decided to be more spontaneous this week, and announced our walk just a day and a half before it was due to take place. The weather was looking promising, and we opted for a different day of the week- this time, Wednesday.

Despite what Yahoo Weather promised in the morning, throughout the day the weather had been moody; dark clouds gathered over Vienna, and it often looked like it might begin to rain. Thankfully, in the end we were spared another monsoon, and met at as planned at 8:00pm in front of the Ankeruhr with the light at its best: the great clouds and super soft, diffused light were almost more than we could have wished for!

Unfortunately, Ally was unable to join us this time and the group was a little smaller than usual. But they were a great bunch of people as always, and Plamen and I took over Ally’s job of leading the group.

After taking some pictures of the Ankeruhr and at the square, the Hoher Markt, we walked down to the Donaukanal (the scene of our May 2016 Photo Walk) where lots of people were gathered to chill out in the evening sun, or watch the EM Semi Finals on large screens. The light was a perfect gold and the clouds dramatic and fast-moving.


Nico Kaiser


Michael Rubitschka

VPW Blue Hour (1)

Carrie Borden

From here we followed the canal and walked up to the Urania observatory where we stopped to take some more photos.


Plamen Nikolov


Nico Kaiser

VPW Blue Hour 2 (1)

Carrie Borden


Peter Kurt‎

Unsure of what to do next – the original plan had been to go to Judenplatz, but we changed that when we saw the weather and headed down to the river at the very beginning – Carrie came up with the fantastic idea of going to Karlsplatz. We arrived there just in time for the final few minutes of the infamous blue hour, and took pictures of the baroque Karlskirche and its reflections in the central fountain.


Nico Kaiser


Michael Rubitschka

Here, too, an outdoor event was happening, with lots of people sitting outside and watching a film; the mood was summery and relaxed. All in all, it was a great evening, and after more the two hours of shooting our little group split up, and people went home.

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who joined us on our spontaneous walk, and participated in the second edition of our Golden & Blue Hour Pop-Up series! We’re already excited for the next one, see you there, and stay tuned for all the details here. Below are more pictures taken by our photo walkers throughout the evening.