June 2016 Türkenschanzpark Photo Contest: The Winners

The Türkenschanzpark – an Oasis in Vienna’s 18th District

After a long streak of urban photo walks, we decided to take Vienna Photo Walk “back to nature”. The Türkenschanzpark, suggested by VPW member Heinz, was selected for its beautiful nature, off-the-beaten-path location, and interesting history.

Vienna boasts numerous green oases; among its most charming examples is the Türkenschanzpark. Located in the city’s remote 18th district, it combines in itself the qualities of both a wild English garden, and a meticulously planned botanical garden. Water, too, plays an important part in the design and theme of the park: it is rich in both fountains and waterfalls, and is also home to the Paulinenwarte water tower. The water tower, open on just a handful of days a year, is operated by the non-profit organisation Naturfreunde Ortsgruppe Währing.

Historically, the park (and its name) can be traced back to the Second Siege of Vienna by the Ottoman Empire in 1863, as the place where the Turkish army dug their trenches.

For more information about the park, I recommend reading this blog post by Stadtbekannt.at

Photo Contest – the Results

The themes given to our participants were Nature & Summer in the Park; I am pleased to say that all the photos submitted, including the three winning shots, beautifully reflected both these themes. 1st and 2nd Place both go to VPW newbie Marko Stojkovic, and 3rd place to yours truly, Ally Novgorodtseva.

Here are the walk’s best photographs, as voted by the members of VPW in our anonymously-posted photo contest:

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A big thank you to all the members who joined us for the photo walk, those who entered our photo contest, and all the members of VPW who took the time to vote for their favourites!

Stay tuned for the in-depth interview with our overwhelming winner, Marko Stojkovic, and see you at our next photo walk!


Cover credit: Sara Apaza