July 2016 VPW Photo Challenge: WATER

The theme of VPW’s July 2016 Photo Challenge was: WATER

Summer equals sun, light, heat. As a result, what we crave, perhaps the most, in the summer is water. We want to drink it, we want to dive into it, we want to cool our hands in it, and we – for a change! – welcome it occasionally falling on our heads from the sky.

This month members of VPW share theirfavourite aquatic moments with us, whether they were diving into a sea or a lake (it’s the season to be travelling, so all #ViennaPhotoWalkOnTour images taken outside of Austria were very welcome!), dipping their feet into a local fountain, chasing their dog with a garden hose, running through the sprinklers with their kids, or enjoying a nice cold beer and/or mojito after work (yes, that counts as water!).

A big thank you to Plamen Nikolov Photography for this month’s refreshing summer shot, and everyone who shared their work with us. Here is a small selection of work by some members of VPW.