30 JUNE 2016, GOLDEN & BLUE HOUR Pop-Up Photo Walk #1: Donau Insel

Summer’s a wonderful time: the weather’s warmer, the nights are lighter and longer, and so consequently one’s mood in better and somehow there’s more time for everything. With that in mind, Emil and I decided to launch a series of GOLDEN & BLUE HOUR Pop-Up Photo Walks.

Emil Stanev is new to Vienna Photo Walk, and has only arrived to Vienna with his wife and son quite recently, from his home of Bulgaria. Finding he has had a bit more time than usual in recent months, he’s decided to use it well and explore the city; he’s already discovered some favourite photography sweet spots. Emil also loves to hike, and especially to combine his love for hiking and photography; here in Vienna, though, the mountains are far away (70-100km at least to get away from light pollution), and so he’s not done as much mountain photography as he’d like to yet.

Which is a shame, take a look at some of Emil’s work:


Emil Stanev Fine Art Photography

So, in the mean time he’s sticking to landscapes, nightscapes, and cityscapes, and doing a fine job. You can find more of his work here.

Emil suggested that our first, inaugural GOLDEN & BLUE HOUR Pop-Up Photo Walk take place at Donau Insel, allowing us to photograph the Donau City from across the river. The weather had been capricious all week, and we were both aware that we might not be too lucky. In fact, sadly, what we feared most happened – the evening of June 30th was quite stormy, and so we got a whole lot of wind and rain, and not too much regular light, golden light, or blue light. Nonetheless, more than twenty people showed up, and we had a great time listening to Emil share his secrets with us, shooting the moody sky, and chuckling about the horrendous weather. We stayed under the bridge for most of the evening, which sheltered us from the rain, and allowed us to observe the light changing between 8pm when we met, and 10pm when we said our goodbyes.

It was unanimously decided that the next GOLDEN & BLUE HOUR Pop-Up Photo Walk would take place soon, and that – in true pop-up fashion – it would be announced much more spontaneously, thereby allowing us to (hopefully!) have a bit more control over the weather.

Thank you again to Emil for choosing a place to shoot and sharing his experience with the group, and to the 20+ photographers who came to celebrate the (dramatic) beginning of this summer series with us. We already look forward to our next walk! Please watch out for announcements regarding it on our homepage and our Facebook Group and Page, and Instagram.

A special thank you to Marko Stojkovic, Sara Apaza, Heinz Müller, Johannes Müller, Fabio Aromatici, Peter Kurt, Plamen Nikolov, and Michael Rubitschka for sharing their photos from the walk with us below:


Have a great weekend, everyone, and see you soon!



One thought on “30 JUNE 2016, GOLDEN & BLUE HOUR Pop-Up Photo Walk #1: Donau Insel

  1. Emil Stanev says:

    It was great meeting you all! Thank you for your support and interest. Ally and I will definitely continue the GOLDEN & BLUE HOUR Photo Walk meetings. We will announce the next meeting very soon 🙂

    If you have any photography related questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via my Facebook photography page https://www.facebook.com/emilstanevphotography/

    Until next time!

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