June 2016 VPW Photo Challenge: TEXTURE & PATTERNS

The theme of VPW’s June 2016 Photo Challenge was: TEXTURE & PATTERNS

After a very human-focused, almost exclusively black-and-white “STREET PHOTOGRAPHY” month, we now challenge you to look for colours, patterns, repetitions, and textures, while focusing on both details and the big picture.

Thank you to portrait, family and lifestyle photographer Linda Otterstedt for for this month’s charming, summery Challenge Cover!

Patterns and textures are, of course, all around us: in the fabrics we wear, the beautifully arranged market fruit we eat, in architecture, in nature (plants, animals, raindrops, ripples on the water, clouds, etc) … the list goes on and on.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the challenge! Here is a small selection.