Vienna DC Donau City Photo Walk: The Winners

Vienna – a city of contrasts

Ideas that may pop into people’s head when they hear the word “Vienna” probably include horse-drawn carriages, Strauss, balls, Beethoven, the Habsburgs, Klimt’s “Kiss”, Billy Joel (?)… and a whole bunch of others things too, but – I am willing to bet money – not modern architecture. There are, of course, some wonderful examples of it around town – for instance, Zaha Hadid’s WU Library & Learning Center – but, I would argue, nowhere is it as concentrated and starkly isolated as in Vienna’s DC Donau City.

And so, after a series of nature-and-street-themed photo walks, featuring lots of flower macro shots and gorgeous hand-painted Easter eggs, we decided to explore that ‘other’ side of Vienna in April: the angular, the tall, the glass, the modernist, the futurist – the Donau City.

Our meeting place at 11:30am was the Donaucity-Kirche, a highly unusual church projected and built by local architect Heinz Tesar. From there we went on to explore the Austria Center Vienna, whose canary-yellow canopy never quite ceases to delight me. Passing several glass-and-steel giants, including the Tech Gate and Andromeda Tower, we found ourselves at (I would argue) the highlight of the Vienna DC – the DC Tower 1, masterpiece by French architect Dominique Perrault. It was a source of inspiration for almost all of our photographers, and three shots of it did go on to win (joint) 2nd and 3rd Place.

Living in any city, even the most beautiful, can feel mundane and even suffocating at times. I find it almost necessary to break away from Vienna’s Gothic and Baroque majesty once in a while, and experience modern Vienna as she truly is – a city of contrasts.


Photo Contest – the results

As expected, with so many powerful, dramatic shots, this was one exciting contest! The winners – the two guys who stole the whole show – are Heinz Müller (1st and tied-2nd Place) and Michael Rubitschka (tied-2nd and 3rd Place) – congratulations to both!

Here are the winning shots, as voted by the members of VPW in our anonymously-posted photo contest:


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A big thank you to the members who joined us for the photo walk, those who entered our photo contest, and all the members of VPW who took the time to vote for their favourites!

Stay tuned for the in-depth interview with our winner, Heinz Müller, and see you at our next photo walk on May 14th, 2016!