This Thursday, May 5th 2016, was a public holiday in Austria, and a small group of VPW members expressed interest in taking part in a pop-up photo walk to SEESTADT, to explore its modernist architecture and sustainable, green infrastructure. Here are some quick facts about Seestadt from

– it’s a 2,4 million m² area (equivalent to 340 football pitches, or the combined surfaces of the 7th and 8th municipal districts of Vienna)

– it’s large enough for 20.000 residents

– there’s a 50,000 sqm lake; almost 50% of project surface assigned to high-quality public open and green spaces (leisure zones, squares, streets and footpaths)

– it’s Austria’s largest construction site/building project, planned to be developed until the year 2028

Most people in our group had never been here, yours truly included, so we were excited to finally see Vienna’s famous new lake city! The walk started off a little chilly and windy, but got warmer and sunnier as the day went on, before reaching proper summer temperatures by 5 o’clock. Below are some pictures of both the architecture and the VPW-ers I took today.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that the most interesting (and unexpected!) part of the walk was coming across the Ökodorf; this is an ecologically friendly, green community space on the outskirts of Seestadt. Its residents live in a communal house they built themselves out of recycled wood, they grow their own vegetables, make art, engage in coaching and meditation, and cook using neat solar gadgets. Their motto: sustainability, participation, low-tech, nature, art and education. The project is called Vienna Transition Base, and you can read more about it here. The organisation overseeing various projects in this field, founded by David Marek and his colleagues, is called United Creations and you can find out more about that here.

I really want to do more pop-up photo walks in the future (that is, photo walks that are not planned very far in advance and are just-for-fun, without a photo contest at the end), and am happy our inaugural pop-up was such fun. Thank you to everyone who came!