April 2016 Exploring the Vienna DC Donau City: Modern Architecture Photo Walk

“Windy” – definitely word of the day at last week’s VIENNA DC PHOTO WALK! To the brave folks who made it out on that freezing, hurricane-y election-day Sunday: thank you! It was good to see old faces, as always cool to meet new people, and a special pleasure to be able to welcome visiting, out-of-town guests (this month Giampiero from Frascati, Italy).

Modern architecture is not everyone’s cup of tea, and – certainly – Vienna has a lot to offer those who love the Neoclassic, the Gothic, and the Baroque. But those of us determined to meet on that windy Sunday morning are, in fact, huge fans of stainless steel, reflective glass, radical shapes, dizzy heights, sharp edges, and breathtaking, visionary vistas. To us, Vienna’s DC is just cool. Especially the DC1 Tower, am I right? Dominique Perrault’s masterpiece is simply breathtaking!

The voting for the best photo just started, and I will share the results with you as soon as they are in. In the meantime, here are some fun snaps of the group itself. Enjoy!

NB: to vote for your favourite picture, please follow this link to our Vienna DC Photo Contest Album on Facebook. The rules are very simple: you vote for a photo by “liking” a photo; you may “like” as many photos as you wish; every member of this group – regardless of whether they took part in the photo walk or not – may vote; please do not “like” your own photos. Thanks for your support!