April 2016 VPW Photo Challenge: LOOK UP

Hi, everyone!

The theme of VPW’s April 2016 Photo Challenge was: LOOK UP

Most people walk along the street looking down: at their shoes, the dull asphalt, and the glowing screens of their smart phones. Others, the more curious, look a little higher: at the shop windows, the brightly-coloured red trams, and into the faces of the people rushing past them.

This month we invited our members to look even higher than that: to look up! Look up at the fancy Viennese window frames and balconies, the silhouettes of birds in free flight, at towering church vaults, the sleek facades of reflective modernist skyscrapers in Vienna’s Donaucity, at patches of clouds, and at the fresh pink blossoms covering the cherry and magnolia trees in Burggarten this time of year.

Here is a small selection of photos that the members of VPW shared with us via Facebook, Instagram, and e-mail. Thank you to everyone who participated in the challenge!

Happy snapping in May, and thank you to VPW member Carlo Magno for the cool April 2016 Challenge Cover!