March 2016 Member Spotlight: Carrie Borden

Round of applause for the winner of VPW’s Easter Markets contest, Carrie Borden!

Our congratulations go out to Carrie Borden, who won VPW’s 2016 Easter Markets photo competition with the above shot, taken at a stall of the Freyung artisan Easter market. The beautiful colours, sharp focus, and charming composition of this picture resulted in it being overwhelmingly voted number one by the members of Vienna Photo Walk.

As always, to celebrate this victory, we invite the winner of our contest to give us an interview. It gives us all a chance to get to know them a little better, and perhaps learn a thing or two from them.


I am from Colorado, U.S.A, and have lived in Vienna about 18 years with my husband Lance and our two children, Emily and Tyler. We work with the Evangelical Free and Baptist churches to help start new churches and to encourage/train pastors and leaders in the churches.
Random fun fact about me: although I am a U.S. citizen, I was born in Okinawa, Japan as my father was in the Air Force when I was born. Maybe this is the reason for my wanderlust!
I first got into photography by taking a class in the art department of my High School. The class was taught by a teacher that had a more artistic approach to photography rather than purely technical. At that point, there was no such thing as digital photography. I learned how to use film and develop it myself. Then we used the darkroom to make our own prints. I learned some fun techniques in the darkroom to make the photos works of art and not just photos. 
What I hope to achieve with photography is multifaceted. I want to create works of art that bring joy to people and bring them to reflect on God and His creation. I also like to help friends and different churches with projects that involve photography.
Here are links to the places where I share my photography and art:
I am most passionate about portraiture and nature photography because people and nature fascinate me. I also LOVE to post edit in order to create a work of art rather than just a photo. Lately I have been really interested in trying out trick photography such as levitation, light painting, and long exposure. My favourite artists are the impressionists, especially Monet. I can’t pick a favourite photographer as there are so many that inspire me and who are amazingly talented. 
I get out there and take photos as often as possible and I try to use new techniques, lenses, or settings to see what can be achieved. There are several websites I often refer to for great tips, in particular:

I also love to paint, draw and cook. I am a creative person and thus end up finding all kinds of outlets and possibilities to “create”. I think photography will always be my favourite creative expression.


This was my first photo walk and I really enjoyed it. I thought all the people on the VPW Easter walk were friendly and very enthusiastic about taking photos; I love the idea of giving photographers the chance to get out more often to take photos, see new places in Vienna and get to know other photographers. I would love to see even more interaction after the walks for those who want to spend more time talking about photography or just life together at a local café. I really appreciate the volunteers who make this possible and I hope to continue participating in the photo challenges and walks.

I’d like to thank Carrie for sharing her work and her thoughts with me in this interview; if you have any question or comments for her, please feel free to leave one below.
As always, looking forward to seeing everyone again at our next photo walk!