In this member spotlight this time is Plamen Nikolov, who is the joint winner (with Joao Pedro) of the St Marx Photo Walk contest with the above shot.

We particularly love the tranquil and serene atmosphere in this winning shot. Using a fast shutter speed to capture the gently falling snow flakes, as well as converting the photo to black and white in order to exaggerate the contrast works extremely well.

So, now over to Plamen…

1. How did you get into photography and what do you hope to achieve with it?

I always had a thing for art when I was young and I guess it brought me to photography in the last years. I have no specific goal for it: I enjoy it – plain and simple.

2. What type/s of photography are you most passionate about, and why?
My favourite types are macro, landscape and animals. Of course I enjoy taking pictures of my kids too. 🙂
I just like how calm and relaxing and at the same time wild and moving nature can be.

3. How do you educate yourself to take better photos?
Before shooting something new I usually search for some existing photos of the subject / city / etc. Then I choose the ones I like and I try to figure out how they are done. Also from a lot of articles and videos I can find online.

4. Share with us – do you have a favourite photo of all time? What is it that you most like about it?
I can’t point out a favourite, I have many that inspire me… There are too many good photographers out there to point out just one.

What is your experience of Vienna Photo Walk?
I joined VPW at the beginning and I took part in the first few meetings. The people are great and the mood is always really good. I hope you have at least as much fun organising all this as we all have during the walks. 🙂



Many thanks for sharing, Plamen! What a fabulous selection of photographs too! 🙂 If you’d like to see more of Plamen’s photographs, check out his website, Flickr, or Facebook page.

Thank you also for your kind feedback, Plamen! And to answer your question, yes, I really enjoy organising the photo walks, as it gives me even more reason to go out and explore this beautiful city of ours!

But what I enjoy most is meeting all of you. So thank you everyone for taking part, and for always bringing such good humour along to our walks! (Especially when it’s bitterly cold, like on the last walk! 😉 )

So that’s all for now, and I looking forward to seeing you on our next walk!


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