VPW Weekly Photo Challenge: COLOURFUL (Jan 27-Feb 3, 2016)

Hello, everyone!

We’re done with January, the first month of the year, and are now in February-territory.

As a February-baby, I feel I am entitled to state the obvious: February is a crappy month. It’s not cold it’s not warm, it’s not snowy it’s not sunny, there’s not a single bank holiday all month (so no time off from work), and it’s this… sad, short filler-month before Spring finally kicks in and everyone’s happy again.

It’s so easy to let the bad weather rain on your parade, to do the work-home-work routine without going out much, and to make excuses for not going out to take photos: it’s cold, it’s dull, I have no energy, I’m still getting over Christmas, and so on.

I decided that the Weekly Challenge topics this month are going to be extra-fun and extra-cheerful, low-maintenance, and – let’s face it – easy.

So, here to combat February Dejection is VPW’s first 02.2016 topic: “COLOURFUL”. Here we go:

 Thank you to everyone who took the time to look up, look around, and find some colour in their lives!
Stay tuned for the latest topic, coming up today via Instagram (@ViennaPhotoWalk) and our Facebook Group and Page.
Happy February, everyone!