Vienna Photo Walk on the Local Radio

Vienna Photo Walk hit the radio!

On Saturday Oct 5th, Vienna Photo Walk teamed up with Worldwide Photo Walk in Vienna (event details). On the day of the event, the local radio station ORF Radio Wien broadcast an interview with me, listen to it here (in German):

Source: ORF Radio Wien, 5. October 2013

Please find my transcript below (be kind with me, I’m not a translator) 🙂

Many thanks, Carola


FEMALE RADIO PRESENTER: “Should you meet a group of photographers today between Rathaus, Volkgarten and Museumsquartier, don’t be afraid, they are harmless. They are no paparazzi, they are enthusiastic hobby photographers, who are doing so-called photo walks. They just walk together as a group and photograph anything, that they come across.

They are at the Rathaus right now, and with them is my colleague, radio reporter Ewald Wurzinger, hello!”

EWALD WURZINGER: “Hello from Rathaus, and I’m standing in front of 35 enthusiastic photographers with their DSLR cameras and one of them is Carola Schwalm. We are now going through the city with our cameras, why would one join a photo walk?”
CAROLA SCHWALM: “You join a photo walk to learn from and be inspired by each other. We will be taking photos of ordinary as well as unique situations and people, and we will be exploring parts of Vienna.”

“That means, that anyone who bites creatively into his sandwich can be photographed?”
“Could be, yes. But most importantly, the photographers can take part with whatever camera they have. In our group we have professional photographers as well as people, who simply take photos with their smartphones.”

“There are beautiful sights here in front of the Rathaus, surrounded by the trees, how do you take a good photograph? Do you have a tip for photographers?”
“Of course. It is important to capture the moment, and maybe one needs to take several photos. It is important to look at what could be interesting and to just take a photo of it. If it hasn’t worked out, just take another one. When one captures emotions, that’s best in photography.”

“Can photography be trained?”
“Definitely! One can of course train the technique, but one can also train the eye and one’s own creativity too.”

“Vienna is a very picturesque city – what is your favourite motif?”
“Oh, that is difficult! There is so much! In a months’ time we will be photo walking in Zentralfriedhof, and I’m very much looking forward to it!”

“The Walk is going to start soon, what is the route?”
“Today, our route will take us from Rathaus via the Volksgarten and will end at Museumsquartier. Everyone, who still has got some energy left, can join us at CafĂ© Leopold after.”

ERWIN WURZINGER: “So, all photographers and everyone who wants to be one, is welcome to join! From the 1st, Ewald Wurzinger, Radio Wien.”

FEMALE RADIO PRESENTER: “All information around photo walks are available from my colleagues at the Radio Wien service telephone, you can reach us at 899 953.”